The Best of Christmas Past in Science

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Lloyd Alter
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December 24, 2012

A Christmas Past in Science

A look back at Christmas in the Science section of TreeHugger

  1. We do love our LEDs and wind turbine stories, so here they are, together at last in time for Christmas. No word on whether it’s bird friendly.
  2. Wind Turbine Becomes Colossal LED Christmas Decoration

    Images: Siemens After a year of engineering, modeling, and trials, the world’s largest Christmas star now hovers above the A9 Autobahn ne…
  3. Nobody has ever beat Frank Borman and his crew in Apollo 8 reading from the book of Genesis on Christmas Eve1968;  a billion people either watched or listened to that one. But the ISS crew gave it a shot two years ago.
  4. Holiday Greetings Sent to Earth From Space (Video)

    As anyone who’s seen It’s a Wonderful Life or read A Christmas Carol knows, sometimes a new perspective on things is all it takes to trul…
  5. Chemist Christine goes all humbug on Mistletoe. She’s no fun at all.
  6. What Else Happens Under the Mistletoe

    Image: GETTY Mistletoe Growth as an Indicator of Toxic Metal ContaminationJust in time for the Christmas season, the Julius-Kühn Institut…
  7. A pair of stories about what to do with old Christmas trees.
  8. A Home at the Zoo for Old Christmas Trees

    Endangered Przewalski’s horses. Those at a zoo in Bulgaria will enjoy a post-holiday treat of old Christmas trees. Photo by Mike Bowler v…
  9. What To Do With Discarded Christmas Trees? A Habitat For Fish And For People

    Photo: US Forest Service While many cities have programs that turn leftover Christmas Trees into mulch and wood chips, (in NYC they call …
  10. And another pair about turtle doves and that boring, silly and repetitive song that should just go away.
  11. 2 Turtle Doves & 1 Partridge- Tis The Season For The 111th Christmas Bird Count

    Christmas bird count volunteer braving the cold Photo: Gabriel Willow This holiday season marks the 111th year of the Christmas Bird Coun…
  12. Christmas Bird Count: Is that Two Turtle Doves or One?

    Three French Hens…Two…One… Vanishing Purple Finch photo by Ashok Khosla for Audubon Society. Volunteer citizen scientist counting b…
  13. In which we learn the true route to happiness on Christmas: “booze the adults, sugar the children.” A fitting ending; Happy Christmas to you all.

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