The 12 Most Overrated Things About 2012

Dec 31, 2012 by


Mark Juddery

Author, commentator and film journalist


As in previous years, I have been asked to write a list for The Huffington Post of the most overrated things of the past year. In case you expect me to include 50 Shades of Grey, the Kardashians or Clint Eastwood’s profound discussion with a chair, sorry, but nobody actually rated them highly. (There’s a difference between “unreasonably popular” and “overrated”.) Here are a few things and people who for various reasons, in 2012, actually deserved to be called overrated.

Their opinion was highly sought, and they mostly predicted a close election (and even a good chance for Mitt Romney). They scoffed at Nate Silver, a mere (pshaw!) blogger, who turned out to be right about everything. Their opinions were then sought to explain why, despite all their previous opinions, Obama won comfortably over Romney. “How did he do it?” became the question of for the hour. Strangely, to anyone who wasn’t listening to the pollsters, it mightn’t have been so surprising.
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