Obama breaks Climate Science and The Built Environment by Casey Coates Danson

Oct 28, 2012 Posted by

My documentary film, “Who’s Got The Power?” (available on Amazon and viewing here my website under film at Global Possibilities.org) states so clearly that we can have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time and for the least amount of money in mitigating climate change if we begin with the built environment.   Buildings are the easiest way to reduce our use of fossil fuels by retrofitting, the use of solar and renewable energy, LEED certification, building with local sustainable materials.  And President Obama breaks the climate science in the following interview with MTV and corroborates my position.  Please listen!!!!

Brian Merchant
Business / Environmental Policy
October 27, 2012

Other than stating that “climate change is not a hoax” during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama hasn’t had much to say about global warming issues throughout his re-election campaign. And Romney’s been dead silent.

The notable lack of discussion around the issue—in a year of crazy drought and record heat—spurred a group of advocates to launch a campaign called Climate Silence to get the candidates to speak up. Many observers, including the New York Times took note.

Today, talking to MTV’s Sway Williams (who is boasting what may be the most ridiculous hat worn by any man who has ever sat opposite the president of the United States of America), Obama broke the quiet. See above.

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