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Nov 10, 2012 by


As you read all the analysis about what this election supposedly means, keep several things in mind. First, this numerical reelection similarity,

2012 – Barack Obama, 61,768,096 — 50.5%
2004 – George W. Bush, 62, 040, 610 — 50.7%

Secondly, in 2004 a very hapless Democratic party took the major issue of the election, the war, off the table, by nominating John Kerry. In 2012, the equally hapless Republican party took the major issue of the election, the economy, off the table, by nominating Mitt Romney, a personification of all that is wrong with the economy.

Finally, keep in mind what wasn’t talked about in this election, and thus will not be acted upon; banks, Wall Street, an economy based on infinite growth on a finite planet, decades decline of wages, ever increasing concentration of wealth, all atop an election where six billion dollars was spent with no mention of corruption. The status quo will continue.

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