Michael J. Fox said what?

Nov 14, 2012 by


Look who’s joining you in speaking out for labeling of genetically engineered foods: a slew of artists, actors, chefs, and other well-known celebrities.

I’m talking about Michael J. Fox from Spin City and Family Ties, Julie Bowen from Modern Family, Tom Colicchio from Top Chef, Emily VanCamp from Revenge, and many more. That’s right — some pretty famous folks are on our side and raising awareness about labeling. We thought you’d enjoy watching what they had to say in this fun video featuring new music from Ziggy Marley.

Can you guess what Chevy Chase said about GMOs?

Or which high-profile moms joined the video?

Please take a minute to watch this new video and share it with family and friends!

Here’s the thing though: this video doesn’t do us any good if only we watch it. You and I have already told the FDA to label genetically engineered foods, but now we need to raise the issue with the broader public. That’s where you come in — I want you to take this video as an excuse to show your mom, your sister, your friends on Facebook, why labeling GMOs is so important. Only with more people on board will we be able to convince President Obama to prioritize this issue in his second term.

It was about a year ago today that we decided to push to get one million signatures to the FDA urging them to require labeling of GMOs. Look at what you’ve done since then: 1.2 million signatures! And now, a host of high profile, well-known individuals joining our cause. Make no mistake, none of this could have happened without your support, enthusiasm, and passion.

Together, we’re realizing a vision for our country where every family and every child knows what they’re eating.


David Bancroft
Campaign Director
Just Label It


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