How To Be Green

Nov 27, 2012 by

35 things you can do to save our environment. Just begin with a few, it’s easy and you will feel good about yourself!

1. Change light bulbs to compact fluorescents (CFL) or LED’S which use 30% less energy and last forever.

2. Install ceiling fans in home or office to reduce the use of air conditioners.

3. Use the sun to dry clothes  — install a clothes line. You will be amazed at how much you will save on your gas bill.

4. Stop eating beef (cut back on methane) or try buffalo.  Or eat Pad Thai!

5. Stop buying disposables like paper towels and use washable cloth towels and napkins. And be sure to use organic detergents without bleach.

6. Reuse grocery bags if you must (so we can leave a few trees for the next generations).  Carry cloth/string bags in your car for those stops at the market.

7. Use recycled paper for all your needs.

8. Stop using pesticides (try ladybugs and other natural remedies).

9. Install a composter in your garden or just create an enclosure with chicken wire then you can compost all your fruit, garden clippings and vegetable scraps and have organic fertilizer for your garden from your composter instead of using chemicals. It’s free and nutrient rich!

10. Use grey water systems to irrigate your gardens (use every drop). Catch the rain runoff from your roof into barrels for watering.  For more information, go to:

11. Insulate your home properly with recycled material — yes, even blue jeans are being recycled into home insulation.

12. Replace windows (double paned, low-e glass) and if you live in a cold climate be sure to install storm windows or cover cold windows with drapes to reduce drafts.

13. Drive an energy efficient, hybrid or electric car.  Or ride a bike and get that needed exercise.

14.  Rideshare or carpool whenever you can.

15. Lobby and support your local and national politicians to implement responsible energy laws and policies.

16. Stop growing lawns (especially if you live west of the 100th meridian) and replace them with drought resistant plants or fruits, herbs, vegetables surrounded by wood chips or decomposed granite.  Install efficient drip irrigation systems wherever possible.

17. Recycle your trash and be aware when shopping to not buy elaborately packaged food.  (it takes 20 times the energy to make an aluminum can from scratch).

18. Buy energy saver appliances (always look for the “Energy Star”).

19. Support local farmers’ markets who sell organic and don’t buy food that travels thousands of miles to your table,,, matter how beautiful the strawberries may look.

20. Fight overdevelopment in your community by appealing to your local representatives to only approve sustainable projects.

21. Conserve water by fixing leaks (you’ll also feel better by not running water when shaving or brushing teeth).

22. Ride a bicycle whenever possible (cut pollution AND get needed exercise).

23. Encourage and support responsible leadership in your community, Energy Company and State and National government.

24. Adjust thermostat down one degree in winter, to 68 up one degree in summer (you’ll spare the air 500 lbs. of carbon emissions and save 15% on your bills).

25. Encourage corporations and government to use renewable energy sources for their products and services.

26. Install photovoltaic panels on your south facing roof to generate electricity (begin the transition to a renewable, sustainable future).

27. Heat your home water and pools with solar hot water, not gas (another fossil fuel).

28. Be personally responsible for every decision you make. Think of the Earth first.

29. Install low-flow toilets and leave a polite note – “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.

30. Use the greatest invention of mankind in the last 300 years: the condom.

31. Get on an action alert list.

32. Elect no politician that is not green (whatever party affiliation).

33. Encourage and support electric generation companies and other energy generation service providers to implement renewable energy programs.

34. Be flexible and adaptable to change.

35. Think globally, act locally.

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