Fracking – Start a White House Petition

Feb 4, 2013 by

Casey Danson

Director, Global Possibilities

This email came in from a follower suggesting we begin a petition against fracking.  So I’m asking all our readers to comment on our site and share this idea with everyone you know and Global Possibilities will definitely create a petition,  Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon.   casey danson



Subject: Fracking – Start a White House Petition

Illustration of the earth as a bomb with a lit fuse symbolizing that time is running out

I went to We the People (, the White
House’s petition site, and there isn’t anything on fracking.  I thought
since you have such a large audience, Kristine Trites or Casey Danson could
start a petition and ask your readers to sign it (I would!). It takes 150
signers for a petition to even show up on the site which is 149 more
signatures than I could ever rally.

I would like to ask the President and his entire Cabinet (as in, including Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and others
that actually care about human health; not just the cabinet members who’ve
been bought off by the oil and gas industry) and Michelle Obama too to watch
“Gasland” and “Un-Earthed: The Fracking Facade,” and read the articles by
your reporters about how it’s causing America’s medical costs to skyrocket,
sabotaging our water resources, etc., etc.  There’s no way that they could
watch and read this information and still reply with the usual BS about it
being an safe technology, a job creator, a viable revenue source for the
government, etc. because WE the PEOPLE know the facts!

We welcome your comments!