Consider Thinking Differently About Poverty and Poor and Homeless People?

Feb 5, 2013 by

Casey Danson

Director, Global Possibilities

My heart nearly breaks thinking about the whole subject of homelessness and then such a relief to see Don Hazen’s brilliant article in Alternet today.

Editor’s note: There are more than one million homeless people in America, and 138 million people who live paycheck to paycheck. Many more are struggling, wondering how they’ll make rent or get enough food. Those numbers are astounding. This is America. Many proudly think our society is fair, but the evidence overwhelmingly shows that fairness in America is a myth. In the weeks and months ahead, AlterNet will shine a light on America’s economic injustice in an ongoing series, “Hard Times USA.” Since many have chosen to look aside, or believe the traditional ways of doing politics will fix things, there is still much to learn about how this problem will be solved, or not solved.
  Twelve years ago, I began photographing the homeless in Los Angeles to create a book (yet to be published) called “Out of the Skids” to raise awareness of our homeless problem.  The photographs show exactly what Don is talking about — the dichotomy between the rich and the poor with photos of homeless superimposed into the interiors of homes I’ve designed, built or lived in.  The shock value may interest you. This is just one of 70 photos I have ready to publish in my book.
Please read the series of articles that Alternet will be publishing this week.  I totally agree with his point of view that we all can give more in a meaningful way and especially to the homeless in our neighborhoods.  Instead of stepping over them or around them, give them a chunk of cash if they seem in need — AND THEY ARE IN NEED

Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.

Photo Copyright by Casey Danson

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