A real example of the pot calling the kettle black

Jan 17, 2013 by

Casey Danson

Director, Global Possibilities

by Casey Danson

Conference Board calls Canada an ‘environmental laggard’ ??

In an article posted in CBC news, they stated that Canadians produce more garbage than anyone else but we in the United States are a close second.

The Conference Board measured air pollution, garbage production, energy consumption, water usage and many other factors across 17 developed economies around the world. While Canada earned a few A grades in categories such as water quality, endangered species and the use of forest resources, overall the country scored a D average. The 15th-place ranking put Canada only ahead of the U.S. and Australia in the ranking.

So perhaps we have some “living up” to do but take a look at these statistics about CO2 emissions to see what the true story is about environmental laggards.  We’re not!!!

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